Monday, October 10, 2011

My new favortie bronzer

I got this bronzer like a month ago and love it! I had always used NYC sunny,but target was out of stock. So I just ended up getting this one, and I am happy I did, I got the matte version, because there are three kinds of bronzers for rimmel. I wasn't really sure which one to get because I do like shimmer,but I figure matte was the way to go since winter was coming. I like to think that shimmer is more of a summer thing/trend.  It is very natural looking and less orange than NYC sunny. This is now my new favorite bronzer, now that summer is over I am going to loose my tan :/ so this will come in handy during fall winter to give me a nice fake tan.

Rating 4/5


  1. I love this bronzer too! I hate that winter is coming--I love being tan! ♥

  2. I LOVE Rimmel bronzers. They are matte and not shimmery. I think thats what makes it so nice and fresh. Not to fake looking.
    also Thanks for following lovie. Ill follow you too!

  3. I've never used it but I'm thinking about trying it since I just ran out.