Monday, November 28, 2011

meet mark haul

My best friend signed up to be  mark rep, we both love mark but noticed the prices went up really high. mark by avon used to be super affordable, but I think there getting to carried away with the prices especially for clothing! Anywayyy, my bestie signed up, so we could both get a discount, which is awesome! I did a pretty big haul, which I couldn't wait to get, shipping was fast too. Wanted to share what I got.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

versatile blogger award

I got my first blog award from Ami from, thank you so much girly!

The Versatile Blogger award has 2 rules:

1. List 7 things about yourself

2. Pass this on to other bloggers.

1. I love to sing, especially old songs from the 60's

2. I have three dogs, a bulldog and 2 huskies

3. I'm dating my best friend, we have been together for about a year now and go to school together.

4. I dislike roses! I know everyone loves roses, but I think there outdated

5. I love anything zebra print, my backpack, purse, wallet, everything in my room is zebra!

6. I love 80's movies!

7. I'm afraid of clowns, the circus is not fun! 

I want to pass this award to these girls

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

avon haul of the month

My best friends mom sells avon, so I always buy a bunch of the stuff. I usually buy once a month and this month she gave me 10% off my order. I got a bunch of makeup, and things from the outlet mostly and one of the sets. Everything I bought was on sale, plus I got 10% off so I spent around $40 for all of this. A total of 20 items,so its almost like i spent $2 for each thing. I love sales!!
 I got the top nail polish set for $4.99

mascara $2.99

 Eye cream for the winter $2.99

foot lotion and a foot scrub $1.99

lipgloss in fushia fantasy,nude shimmer,pink radiance,and plum dazzle $1.99

illuminator $3.99

splendid blue and jade $2.49

this set was $9.99

Monday, November 7, 2011

school days rant

These last weeks have been stressful, I've been under a lot of pressure. I got assigned a 20 page research paper. It is a group paper, three of us our supposed to write a paper on one topic. Which is not working out because one of my partners doesn't agree on the subject. I'm nervous about how it is all going to work out. On top of that I've had essays everyday for about a month 5-7pgs per day for almost all of my classes, I know schools not meant to be easy, but this has been my most difficult semester, I can't wait for it to be over. Thank goodness for math which is super easy. Do you ever feel like school can be too much to handle? I'm thinking next semester I'll only take four courses. Six courses is just too much for me too handle at the moment.

elf blush

I got this blush in peachy keen, my target almost never has them in stock. I notice most of the studio line is always sold out. I spotted a few and grabbed this one. I really like the color, its so pretty, and is very pigmented. I love that elf is $1- to $3 there products are so affordable. For $3 this blush is perfect.

rating: 5/5

Thursday, November 3, 2011

forever21 haul






I got a gift card for forever 21 a while back and found some great bargains online, I love forever 21 prices there clothes are so affordable.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

elf powder

This cost $3, I needed a new powder and this one was super cheap and I usually like elf makeup so I got it. I didn't really like this product the powder smells a little funny, and looks chalky on me. It also didn't last long, I used up the whole powder in a month. Usually powders last me a long time but this one had a little bit of product. I know $3 isn't much but I still expect it to be descent and I can't even say that about this.

Rating 2/5