Wednesday, November 16, 2011

avon haul of the month

My best friends mom sells avon, so I always buy a bunch of the stuff. I usually buy once a month and this month she gave me 10% off my order. I got a bunch of makeup, and things from the outlet mostly and one of the sets. Everything I bought was on sale, plus I got 10% off so I spent around $40 for all of this. A total of 20 items,so its almost like i spent $2 for each thing. I love sales!!
 I got the top nail polish set for $4.99

mascara $2.99

 Eye cream for the winter $2.99

foot lotion and a foot scrub $1.99

lipgloss in fushia fantasy,nude shimmer,pink radiance,and plum dazzle $1.99

illuminator $3.99

splendid blue and jade $2.49

this set was $9.99

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  1. Hey just letting you know I nominated you for an award on my blog (: Check it out whenever you can. I love your blog!